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Saturday, August 9, 2008

In Search of Inspiration

Like many artists, I find myself with 'artist block'.
To be quite honest I have begun to refer to it as
AHS: Artist Hiatus Syndrome

I have been battling depression for a while now and
I believe it is, in part, because of my lack of a
creative outlet. I have decided to take a stand!
From this moment on I shall reignite the fire in my
belly to get creative - my soul yearns for it, aches for
it... REQUIRES it.

I have been getting inspired by so many things lately.
I think it makes my heart ache all the more - the yearning
to start creating in a more dedicated fashion. Not just the
here-and-there odd jobs I have been known to do lately.
I've made so many promises to people and now I have
started to deliver - albeit in small increments. But it has
started to lift the weight of darkness I have felt for so long.

Home life notwithstanding, things are improving and I can
only hope that they continue to do so. With my renewed
passion for change, I hope to become healthier in spirit
by the only way that works for me... being creative.

I hope you stick with me on my journey - oh great Universe.

here goes...


Tom H said...

Creativity - unless you do find an outlet, it might cause a backup of the soul...or worse. Thanks for adding my blog to your list. I may not be the most responsive when communicating, but I try. See I had the same problem with no outlets for my creativity. Now I got the other end of the problem. Too much to do...Oh! but what fun. Hang in there TamRock...Start small and just watch it grow....

TamRock said...

Thank you Tom. I appreciate your support. I still must upload some of Enzo's adventure pictures (my whittled friend and I go everywhere together!)