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Friday, April 24, 2009

A creative outlet

Well, work does allow me a few creative outlets. This is the final outcome of a sketch I did for a military installation.

The basics:
I get a photograph, create a stylized portrait sketch of the individual and then send it off to have a magnesium plate created from it.

I guess it is cool to know that my 'work' is hanging in the halls of the Pentagon. I'll scrounge around and find some others to post here as well.

Ta-ta for now!!

Here is a sketch I found - another military piece...

The end of a week 04.27.09

Dear Diary,

Today Outside My Window... the sun is finally shining, though I didn't see it most of the day - I still appreciate that it is there!

I will try to be more... calm when confronted with the chaos at work.

I am thinking… I will cut another few inches off the length of my hair.

I will learn… to play guitar one day.

I am thankful for… my job, even though I really don't like it sometimes.

I will nourish myself by… reading more!

I am creating… a healthier body by changing my dietary habits.

I am going… to sell the things that are no longer of use to me.

I am reading… more than I thought I ever would again.

I am hoping… that someday I will learn to trust again.

I am hearing… the echoes of depression and am doing my best to deal with them.

Around the house… I am uninspired.

One of my favorite things… feels lost forever.

A few plans for the rest of the week... will be to stay committed to something... anything.